Catherine M. Newman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Catherine M. Newman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Cathy was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew-up in Amarillo, Texas. She understood the challenge of financing a college education; she supported herself through college and graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in microbiology. She put that degree to good use, working for 15 years in environmental (water quality) research and regulatory compliance. Everywhere she worked she was respected for her hard work, admired for her technical competence, and loved for the respect and admiration she returned to her co-workers.

Eventually, Cathy’s focus turned to family–raising two kids and being a great Mom and Wife. And as this life-role unfurled, she became committed to finding and harnessing the strengths of people around her. She took on leadership of the annual fundraising auction for the Waldorf Schools in Seattle and Phoenix, and helped raise tens of thousands of dollars to support these charter schools. Later, she became a youth volleyball coach at the YMCA in Ahwatukee in Phoenix, Arizona. Cathy developed a love for volleyball while in high school and she harnessed this passion into a commitment to be the best volleyball coach she could be, always focusing on teaching improvement and sportsmanship over winning. Her players loved her.

Bridging across all of Cathy’s life was a passion for writing. Though she never scored the published work she dreamed of, she always had the greatest respect for those who followed their dreams and became accomplished writers.

Thus, the criteria established for this scholarship award is a reflection of Cathy’s values:
• Interest in the sciences, including math and engineering;
• Interest in writing and journalism;
• Commitment to academic achievement;
• Commitment to community service.

You may donate to this fund by check payable to:
Arizona Community Foundation
2201 E. Camelback Rd., Suite 405B
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Note Catherine M. Newman Memorial Scholarship Fund, or NEWMAN, in the memo section


This memorial scholarship fund has been created to honor the memory of Catherine Marie Newman (Cathy) to help scholars who have demonstrated a passion for learning, hard work, and giving back to the community, and who may also need financial assistance to bring the dream of a college degree to fruition. Cathy’s life touched many people and so it is appropriate that we continue this legacy with a scholarship fund that can positively impact young people’s lives now and into the future.

As Cathy grew older she developed strong opinions in support of hard working people who struggle to make a better life for their families and children. Her concerns extended to today’s youth’s and their ability to rise above the cost of education and student loans to achieve their dreams. This scholarship represents a small, but tangible step toward helping students achieve an education that can become the cornerstone of a productive and rewarding life. Your application for this scholarship honors Cathy Newman’s memory; we appreciate your interest.