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Maverick Albert Campisi Memorial Scholarship

Maverick Campisi was an Ironwood Ridge High School student. He would have been a 2018 graduate. Maverick died by suicide on June 17, 2016 just four short weeks after his sophomore year. He loved volleyball, basketball, weight lifting/work outs and on-line gaming. He had his driver’s license early his sophomore year. So, he was constantly on the move with his friends. Outgoing and friendly, he was known by many at school.


Maverick’s parents, to honor his memory, his many friends, and Ironwood Ridge High School, have created several memorials. The adopt-a-roadway sign in front of Ironwood Ridge carries his name. The bench recently placed on campus is near the area his parents would pick him up after school. Maverick’s parents had saved money for Maverick to move on to college after high school graduation. In honor of Maverick’s memory, they have decided that a percentage of the college fund be given to some of the students in the 2018 graduating class with the expectation that they will further their education as was their wish for Maverick.