Nikki Ferguson

Nikki Ferguson

Andrea Nicole “Nikki” Ferguson was born on May 10th, 1985 at Yuma Regional Medical Center. Other than a year in Japan, she lived her life in Yuma, attending Ronald Reagan Fundamental School, Crane Jr. High, Arizona Western College and Yuma High.

A fighter from the start, immediately after her birth she was flown to Tucson Medical Center where she underwent several surgeries in her first few days of life. After her first birthday she faced reconstruction surgery on her hand and was told she could do anything in life but play the piano. To those who knew Nikki, it is no surprise that by age 8 she could play the piano with the best of them. From the beginning of her life Nikki never backed away from any challenge, and prevailed over any obstacle that got in her way.

Her senior year at Yuma High was particularly busy as she maintained her Honors status, worked at Barnes & Noble Coffeshop, attended AWC and participated in all the other fun activities that go along with being Senior in High School. Nikki’s strong personality and drive was contagious. Her positive impact on her fellow students at Yuma High School was evidenced by the dozens of testimonial letters her parents received from Nikki’s fellow students, teachers and friends.

Her years as a volunteer at Yuma Regional Medical Center inspired her to work towards a career in nursing, and at the same time, her employment experiences at Dairy Queen, Barnes & Noble and participation in DECA and COE at Yuma High created an interest in a business career.

It is with joy and love that the “Nikki Ferguson Healthcare/Business Scholarship Fund” is established at Yuma High School. Prayerfully, this will enable future “Yuma Criminals” to pursue careers in Health or Business professions and although her life was cut much to short, Nikki’s dream of service to the community will live on through others.