Pat Marr Memorial Scholarship for Vocational Excellence

Pat Marr Memorial Scholarship for Vocational Excellence

Pat Marr grew up in Wisner, Nebraska on a large working farm. As a young woman, she dreamt of the day she would be able to branch out from her rural upbringing to experience the world. As a college freshman at Colorado Women’s College in Denver, she began to get a glimpse of what life had to offer. While pursuing a business degree, she would spend much of her spare time at the Denver International Airport watching travelers come and go while envisioning exciting travel destinations that were only a plane ride away.

As with many young dreams, her aspirations were sidelined by reality. She wed her lifelong husband and raised two daughters. While raising her girls, Pat finished an Associate’s Degree in bookkeeping and a college degree in teaching. She taught home economics and became actively involved in The Assistance League of Omaha (Nebraska) as well as other community charities helping underprivileged and underserved men, women and children. After her daughters had graduated and moved on with their lives, Pat’s desire to travel was reignited. She not only wanted to experience the world personally, but she loved sharing her experiences and knowledge with others. It was not long before she pursued a certification as a travel agent and embarked on a successful 25 plus year career as a travel agent – she had found and followed her passion. With her husband by her side, she traveled to every continent and spent countless hours planning every detail of her friends, family and clients travel adventures.

In 2004, Pat and her husband retired to Sedona, AZ and quickly became actively involved in the community supporting and participating in many civic and charitable endeavors. Pat cherished her involvement with the Sedona Film Festival and the people involved in the event. After a cancer diagnosis in 2009, Pat never missed a beat. She continued to work as a travel agent, stayed active in the community, and traveled as often as possible. She did not let cancer define her; it was simply another bump in the road that did not slow her down. She succumbed to her cancer in 2014, but enjoyed the company of family and friends until her last day. Pat is remembered by all for her infectious laugh, twinkling eyes and warm, gracious heart.


The Pat Marr Vocational Scholarship was designed to help aspiring young (and young at heart) adults pursue their passion in a vocation – anything from becoming a chef to court stenographer to welder. Mrs. Marr’s vision for this scholarship sprung from her desire to help worthy individuals residing in the Verde Valley (AZ) area attain the education needed to find success and happiness in any of a vast number of careers requiring specialized vocational training or a trade school education. It was Pat’s own vocational training in the travel industry that helped her fulfill her lifelong dream to travel and she wanted to share that gift with others.