QU Scholarship

QU Scholarship

QU Scholarship Mission:
To identify and promote scholastic achievement of Arizona lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered youth through a combination of monetary awards, social development and mentoring allies.

The QU Scholarship Fund…
Is a post-secondary scholarship program created by Dr. Shel-Don J. Legarrata and Dr. Kevin Axx in Phoenix, Arizona to promote scholastic excellence of Arizona LGBT youth regardless of financial, social or personal backgrounds.

Benefits Arizona LGBT youth at large and those actively participating with one n ten, Arizona’s largest LGBT youth organization.

Raises funds for these awards primarily through grassroots efforts including small, personally-held social events underwritten by passionate LGBT youth advocates, with nearly $300,000 raised since May of 2012.

Uses donations not only for scholarship awards, but also to build the QU Scholarship Fund Endowment to ensure the longevity of the scholarship program.

Is administered by the Arizona Community Foundation whose mission for the past 35 years has been to improve the quality of life in Arizona by promoting and facilitating effective philanthropy through various initiatives.