The JJ Lipsman Memorial Scholarship Fund

The JJ Lipsman Memorial Scholarship Fund

The JJ Lipsman Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to honor the life of JJ (Jordan Jae) Lipsman. JJ was born in Scottsdale, Arizona on June 15, 1999. She attended Pinnacle Peak Elementary School, Mountain Trail Middle School, and at the time of her passing on November 24, 2014, Pinnacle High School.

JJ loved learning. She was inquisitive and had a gifted mind. Her wit was impeccable and keen. JJ had a passion for the sport of softball. She was fiercely competitive, but with the most graceful sportsmanship attitude. She was happiest on the softball field playing for her various teams.

JJ touched many people’s lives. She was gentle and kind. JJ was the person that always wanted to and did help others. She would often tutor fellow students when they did not understand a subject. Her smile and sweet personality was contagious. JJ inspired people to be better.

This scholarship has been created to foster and promote a student’s thirst for more knowledge, athleticism, and a love of life. Humor was a big part of JJ’s life. Her wit was charming and her practical jokes were innocent as well as fun. This scholarship is to be awarded to a student that embraces the gifts JJ had for living life to its fullest in academics, sports, and wit.

With Our Love for JJ,
The Kelley Family, Kim DiRé, Nik Boca, Frankie Boca, Ana Boca


Scholarship Information

Who May Apply:
Any Pinnacle High School Senior may apply who has played any Pinnacle High School or club sport, maintained a minimum of a 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) throughout their high school career, and is college bound.

Important Dates:
• Application forms will be available in the College and Career Center through the Counseling Department.
• Full applications are due in March to the College and Career Center office through the Counseling Department in Pinnacle High School’s Administrative building.

Application Requirements:
1) A personal essay describing either a particular situation or larger life experience in which you used humor while facing adversity to overcome an obstacle.
2) Two letters of recommendation:
• One letter written and signed by a coach confirming your recent (during high school) or current participation in a Pinnacle High School or club sport activity.
• One letter written and signed by a career mentor, teacher, or authority figure that you have maintained a relationship with (i.e. a volunteer supervisor, a boss at your work, etc.).
3) One unofficial copy of your high school transcripts confirming you maintained a minimum GPA of a 3.0 throughout your high school career.