Rick Oehme Memorial Scholarship

The Rick Oehme Memorial Scholarship was created by staff at US Airways, now American Airlines, to honor one of their leaders. Learn more about Mr. Oehme by visiting the Donor Page for this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Passionate about field of study selected.
  • Preference granted to students who are high school seniors at time of application deadline.
  • Student enrolled in a career/tech school of any kind in the United States.
  • Preference granted to students enrolled in an aviation certificate or 2-year degree program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Prescott or Daytona, Florida).

Award Details:
This scholarship does not have automatic renewal. If students are interested in continued funding, the must re-apply using a new online application. They will be considered along with any new applicants each year.

The Rick Oehme Memorial Scholarship
Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe a time in your life in which you overcame a challenge or large obstacle. What was the challenge/obstacle and how did you overcome it?
  2. What makes you passionate about the field of study you've chosen? Why do you feel that enrolling in a trade/vocational school is the best option for you?