QU "Arizona At-Large" Scholarship

The QU “Arizona At-Large” Scholarship is a post-secondary scholarship program created by Dr. Shel-Don J. Legarreta and Dr. Kevin Axx to promote scholastic excellence in Arizona LGBT youth regardless of financial, social, or personal backgrounds. Drs. Legarreta and Axx have partnered with one n ten, Arizona’s premier LGBT youth organization since the inception of their scholarship program. The QU “Arizona At-Large” Scholarship recognizes outstanding youth who may not have direct connections with one n ten. Applicants must identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

Award Criteria:

  • U.S. citizen
  • Arizona resident
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Graduating high school senior or current high school graduate either admitted to or already attending an accredited college, university or technical/vocational school in Arizona.
  • Full-time student.

Additional Requirements:

  • One of the two required references in the General Application must be from a teacher, coach, or faculty sponsor.

Interview and Event Information:

  • Finalists for the QU “Arizona At-Large” Scholarship award will be required to attend an interview in the late afternoon on the first week of February at the Arizona Community Foundation.
  • The Arizona Community Foundation will notify finalists to schedule the interviews.
  • The student receiving the award is expected to attend one n ten’s annual Fresh Brunch in the late morning on February 9.

Renewal Criteria:
This scholarship may be automatically renewable for one additional year of study (two awards maximum) as long as:

  • The student maintains a minimum 3.0 GPA and full-time enrollment. If the student is attending a trade school or institution without GPAs, they must satisfactorily complete all requirements for forward progress within their certification program.
  • The student completes 40 hours of community service per academic year and maintains at least quarterly meetings with their assigned QU Scholarship mentors.

QU Scholarship
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is the benefit of a higher education in today’s world?
  2. What will the world look like for LGBTQ Americans in twenty years?
  3. Reference Request - Examples of good references include teachers, counselors, work managers, or supervisors of after-school activities and volunteer activities. Do not use relatives or friends. It is your responsibility to check the status of your references' submission and follow-up if necessary. You'll know references have been submitted because Requested (which appears when you enter a reference name and email) will have changed to Submitted in your application. To confirm their submission, log into your account and click Applications to check the status.
    • Please enter the first and last name and an email address for one of your chosen references below by clicking Add a New Reference.

      Once you have multiple requests for references, you will see a drop down menu listing them. Make sure the responses categorized as Submitted are selected prior to updating your application if you make a change or addition.
    • What is the relationship of this reference to you, the student?