Patagonia Regional Community Fund Scholarship for Graduating High School Seniors

Patagonia Regional Community Fund Scholarships
The Patagonia Regional Community Fund Scholarships are comprised of the Red Mountain/Scott Opler, the Florence Greene Sharp/Scott Opler, and the Donald Weinstein Memorial Scholarships. These scholarships may be used at technical, vocational, trade schools, community colleges, and universities.

The Patagonia Regional Community Fund Scholarship for High School Seniors requires that students are:

  • Current High School Seniors at Patagonia High School, and
  • Intent on enrolling in a post-secondary educational program.

Award Details:

  • Interested applicants must respond to the supplemental questions required outside of the General Application questions.
  • Renewal of a scholarship for additional years of study will be contingent upon: the number of years of study provided by the specific scholarship received, proof of continued enrollment, and proof of an overall grade point average equal to or higher than that specified in the description of the specific scholarship.

Please only apply if you meet the criteria above.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Employment History
    • 1. Are you presently employed?
    • 2. Number of hours per week?
    • 3. List your work experience beginning with present or most recent job and describe your current job.
    • 4. Do you plan to work during your post-high school education?
  2. Father's Name
  3. Father's Occupation & Employer
  4. Mother's Name
  5. Mother's Occupation & Employer
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