Pat Marr Vocational Scholarship

The Pat Marr Vocational Scholarship was designed to help aspiring young (and young at heart) adults pursue their passion in a vocation – anything from becoming a chef to court stenographer to welder. Mrs. Marr’s vision for this scholarship sprung from her desire to help worthy individuals attain the education needed to find success and happiness in any of a vast number of careers that require specialized vocational training.

Pat Marr was a beloved mother, wife, friend and community member. Mrs. Marr grew up in rural Nebraska and dreamt of the day she would be able to branch out from her rural upbringing to experience life and travels. Thorough out her life, she talked with many friends and colleagues who wanted to pursue a meaningful career but did not have the desire or resources to go to a four year university. It was her own vocational training in the travel industry that helped her fulfill her lifelong passion – travel. This rewarding career allowed Mrs. Marr to help others plan exciting travel itineraries and thorough her clients experiences and her own, she too was able to travel the world.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Education: High School Degree; proof of degree required.
  • Preference given to students from and around Sedona, Arizona.
  • G.P.A.: Minimum of 2.5 on 4.0 scale (or equivalent of a C average); a combination of GPA, community involvement and essay will be considered.
  • Applicant Age: No restrictions
  • Preference for Community/School Volunteer Involvement
  • Vocational School: Any certified program (excluding 4 year colleges or universities).
  • Proof of program certification, description of the course of study, pending enrollment and annual (or program) costs must be supplied with application.
  • Enrollment in the vocational program must occur during the current calendar year for moneys to be awarded to recipient.

Pat Marr Memorial Scholarship for Vocational Excellence