Nikki Ferguson Healthcare & Business Scholarship

The Nikki Ferguson Business & Healthcare scholarship was established at the Yuma Community Foundation to support females graduating from Yuma High School who will attend Arizona Western College. Prayerfully, this will enable future “Yuma H.S. Criminals” to pursue careers in Health or Business professions and although her life was cut much too short, Nikki’s dream of service to the community will live on through others.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Female graduates from Yuma High School of the most recent year.
  • Financial need as indicated on Free Application for Federal Student Aid Report.
  • U.S. citizen.
  • Planning to pursue a career in healthcare or business professions.
  • Planning to study at Arizona Western College.
  • Must take 12+ semester hours at Arizona Western College (Full-time)

Award Details:
One time award of $1,200

Nikki Ferguson