Lee Family Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created and endowed by the Lee Family in memory of late family members: Dea Gin Foo, grandfather and patriarch of the family who migrated to America in the early 1990’s to seek opportunities and eventually settled in Globe, AZ; parents Bing Sam Lee and Chow Lee, who joined Dea Gin Foo in Globe; and brothers Paul K.B. Lee (elementary education major at ASU who enjoyed helping young students achieve their objectives) and Chuck O. Lee (successful executive and entrepreneur).

This scholarship provides financial assistance to those students who possess the values that Lee Family members treasured most: a love of education, high integrity and moral character, a passion for hard work, strong family values, and generosity.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • US citizen or permanent resident.
  • Arizona resident for tuition purposes.
  • Graduating high school senior from any Arizona high school.
  • Undergraduate student majoring in elementary or secondary education at Arizona State University and planning to pursue a career as a teacher or other career associated with the major (ex: school counselor, speech therapist, health educator, adult literacy/GED teacher).
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 in high school or in previously completed college studies.
  • Preference given to:
  • Graduating high school senior from Globe High School in Globe, Arizona.
  • Continuing Arizona State University or transfer student who also is a first generation college student
  • Student of Asian descent from any Arizona high school.
  • Student intending to pursue a career as a teacher.

Award Details:

  • Up to $4,000, distributed to the school in two equal payments prior to each semester.
  • The award is not automatically renewed, although a current or previous recipient may re-apply and be considered for the scholarship award in subsequent years.

The Lee Family
Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe how you personally relate to the values embodied by the Lee family as stated on Lee Family Donor Profile (located by clicking the "Donors" link at the top of your screen). Also explain what you want to accomplish with a career in education. (500 word maximum)
  2. Do you intend to become a classroom teacher? If yes, what level/grade of school?
  3. Are you of Chinese American heritage?