Kenneth N. Harrison Memorial Scholarship

The Kenneth N. Harrison Memorial Scholarship was established by anonymous donors in Yuma to honor Kenneth Harrison and his life’s work as a fire fighter and his love for restoring old cars.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students who graduated from any high school in Yuma County, including the current graduating class and previous graduates.
  • Planning to pursue a career in auto technology or fire science.

Application Requirements in Addition to the General Application Questions:

  • At least one letter of recommendation is required, but up to three are accepted. Ideally the recommendation will be from a mentor in the auto tech or fire science fields as this scholarship seeks to award students planning to pursue one of those careers.
  • Student must complete the additional required essay.

Award Details:
Scholarships of up to $2000 will be sent to the schools of winning applicants in two payments: in July for fall semester and November for spring.

Kenneth N. Harrison
Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit a personal essay detailing your educational goals, and education program necessary to achieve that goal. What qualifies you for this scholarship - i.e. contributions to community/church?
  2. I understand that the Kenneth N. Harrison Memorial Scholarship requires AT LEAST ONE and up to three submitted references on my behalf. Ideally, one reference will be completed by a mentor in the auto tech or fire science fields as this scholarship is intended for students planning to pursue one of those careers.
  3. Reference Request - Examples of good references include teachers, counselors, work managers, or supervisors of after-school activities and volunteer activities. Do not use relatives or friends. It is your responsibility to check the status of your references' submission and follow-up if necessary. You'll know references have been submitted because Requested (which appears when you enter a reference name and email) will have changed to Submitted in your application. To confirm their submission, log into your account and click Applications to check the status.
    • Please enter the first and last name and an email address for one of your chosen references below by clicking Add a New Reference.

      Once you have multiple requests for references, you will see a drop down menu listing them. Make sure the responses categorized as Submitted are selected prior to updating your application if you make a change or addition.
    • What is the relationship of this reference to you, the student?